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Secure Data Transport & Permission Platform

Fully decentralized and end-to-end encrypted. The dataU platform is leading the way to a secure data future.


Meet The Data Platform Ready To Take On The World

Transport sensitive information between organizations safely and securely, with fully verified data access consent.

dataU’s standardized organizational security and by-design GDPR-compliance enables fast, hassle-free data access. Paving the way for new digital services across markets of all scale.

Fast & Reliable

Geolocation uses the nearest, fastest server to access data. Fully based on the data client's location.

Always Online

The distributed network ensures authorized data can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Resistant to outages and network failures.

Access Latest Versions

Interconnected nodes ensure the most updated version of your data comes straight from the source.

Standardized Identity

Standardized identity verification for organizations and individuals ensures easy and reliable data authentication.

Unparalleled Security

Fully distributed and end-to-end encrypted. The decentralized data network lowers cyber risk across the board.


Guaranteed quick and easy access removes the need to store local copies of information. GDPR-compliance to the letter.

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