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Smart data application to track and run scientific analytics on motor skills in students.


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App for iOS & Android
Templates for efficient data uploads
In-depth dashboard reporting
Anonymized Qlik data analytics

MQ Scan needed a team to build their secure and reliable app for tracking motor skills in children. For the first time ever, schools have the tools to use scientific data analytics to customize their activities and gym lessons.

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A fast and reliable app for scientifically validating student motor skills.

Focussed at children between ages 4 and 12, the app needed to be highly reliable with complete security. Including in-depth dashboard reporting for schools to view student-specific data and notes. Anonymized data analytics are used for school district and municipality reporting, while being in full compliance with data subject rights.

Jibe Company Team Adrian Calinciuc
We are very proud to enable the improvement of motor skills of young children by delivering a data-driven measurement and analytics platform.

Adrian Calinciuc - Head of Delivery

From three tiers of obstacle tracks to easy scanning per student, the MQ Scan app efficiently manages all data. Data anonymization functionality ensures student privacy rights are fully respected, allowing for data reporting to be used inside schools. Scientific data analytics are run quickly to give reports at 4 different levels.

School, classroom, student, and municipality reporting can be used to create custom insights. With the smart app, gym lessons can be tailored based on individual needs, while maintaining full data security.

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It’s easy to upload an entire spreadsheet of data; so teachers can focus their time where it counts.

Flexible data input methods allow teachers and supervisors to upload student data quickly and easily.

Data templates and spreadsheets make group data uploads ultra efficient, removing the necessity to input extensive data one student at a time.

Jibe Company Team Hans de Jong
We tailored cutting-edge data analytics technologies to anonymize student data, for custom graphs and scalable performance analyses.

Hans de Jong - Lead Project Engineer

Smart data.

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Edwin Witvoet - Managing Director Jibe Company