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Digital Commerce

We tailored our existing Multi-Merchant Digital Commerce Platform for Retail, to create the perfect fit for Albert Heijn's in-store and online Digital Commerce Cloud.


Highly scalable & fully available. Our secure integration & network architectures allow for numerous vendor and partner integrations.


Headless Commerce store-front for webshops.
Self-Service Kiosk & progressive web application.
Point of Sale integrations through VPN.

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Find out how we created a highly scalable, and highly available headless commerce solution to be used across all of Albert Heijn's brands and stores!

Jibe Company Albert Heijn Project Digital Product Kiosk & Point-of-Sale
25 Thousand
Points of Sale
3 Thousand
10 Million
Systems Integrated
Jibe Company Project iTunes Vouchers for Albert Heijn Digital Commerce
Jibe Project Albert Heijn Niek Gutteling Director IT Gall & Gall Client Quote
We enjoyed working with Edwin and his team over the last year at Albert Heijn, to setup and run our Digital Products Platform. Friendly, responsive, open, no-nonsense, pragmatic and progressive... exactly what you want to get things done!

Niek Gutteling - Director IT Gall & Gall

The Most Extensive Product Catalogue

Albert Heijn offers the largest and most extensive catalogue of digital products in retail. From tickets for concert, lottery, wellness, and entertainment, to gift cards, telecoms, and gaming vouchers. Albert Heijn uses our all-encompassing business cloud to offer these products and more.

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Digital Commerce Cloud

To offer Albert Heijn’s category team the best tools for managing their digital product business, we collaborated with all of the stakeholders involved. Our digital commerce cloud offers powerful solutions for onboarding new suppliers, building the most extensive catalogue, and enriching product information.

And with the enriched product information, consistent tone of voice, seamless branding, inventory management, and complete control are guaranteed in our business-savvy cloud. It’s as simple as Albert Heijn choosing which products they want to be sold through their in-store or online sales channels.

Jibe Company Founder & Managing Director Edwin Witvoet
Our team’s skills aligned perfectly to achieve the project goals. The professional and passionate environment that arose from all the stakeholders being involved allowed us to build a flexible and scalable digital product and services solution for Albert Heijn's leading digital commerce business.
Not only did the easy integration with business processes allow for product master data, financial reporting, campaigning, loyalty, and IT-operations. But we’re able to continue building and operating this Digital Commerce Cloud as a service.

Edwin Witvoet - Managing Director Jibe Company

Jibe Company project Team Checking The Albert Heijn Kanban Board
Jibe Company Team Richard van der Klooster
Albert Heijn’s IT and business teams really helped us get a thorough understanding of the challenges. The professionalism and close collaboration let us move fast, creating a successful systems solution.

Richard van der Klooster - Software Architect

Jibe Company Team Arjan Visser
Solid integration and carefully considered systems architecture allows us to continuously onboard new sales partners. All while we grow the content portfolio, and scale operations.

Arjan Visser - Lead Developer

Experience more.

Talk to our Albert Heijn Product Owner to learn more about Jibe’s Digital Commerce Solutions.

Edwin Witvoet - Managing Director Jibe Company