Jibe.Company is your intelligent business partner in technology, developing software that understands your business every time.

Our story

Jibe.Company isn’t just a software house. We’re the place where raw business savvy comes together with sophisticated software development. We make innovative, streamlined solutions for some of the most distinguished companies across the world. Today, Jibe.Company is a proud business partner to our customers all around the globe, with offices from the Netherlands to Romania.

Founder story

In 2007, Rick and Edwin launched a web development and data analytics company called Jibe.Company. Their focus was on cloud solutions, data management, and intelligence with the latest technologies.

We fit together to be your best partner in smart business development - developing the future together.
Jibe.Company was envisioned as the smart technical business partner. Critically examining best practices, and paving a better path forward; with technology at the lead. It gave companies, both big and small, a way to stay firmly ahead of the game. And our extensive collaboration with companies taught us that Jibe.Company’s brand promise is to help companies of all sizes develop the future.

But Rick and Edwin loved developing the future for everyone, with innovation and smart efficiency always at the core of what made them tick. So they decided to expand Jibe.Company into a place for software platforms of all industries.

These days, we’re an intelligent business software company, developing software that truly understands your business. As our platforms and expertise continues to grow, one thing stays the same: Rick and Edwin’s mission to innovate business growth.

Jibe.Company’s senior leadership team runs on an abundance of coffee, and years of specialist experience in their respective fields. We fit together to be your best partner in smart business development - developing the future together.


Jibe.Company works hard to develop a unique, relaxed culture, like a home away from home. From our influential workshops to our spicy team-lunches, we’re endlessly innovative.

Our employees are encouraged to flex their mighty creative muscles, and direct their own futures. Not to mention the opportunities to attend conferences, share knowledge, and shape exciting new projects. So we’re always looking for cool dudes, and wicked thought-leaders to join our teams in The Netherlands and Romania.